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Catholic Charities of Sacramento Makes a Real Difference in the Community

One of the most important charitable organizations in the greater Sacramento metropolitan area is the Catholic Charities of Sacramento. Since the earliest days of settlement along the west coast, Catholic religious institutions have played a major role in developing communities, encouraging charity, and supporting the most vulnerable members of society. That commitment lives on today […]

Catholic Charities: A Look at How to Donate Effectively

The Catholic Charities of Sacramento exist largely because of the generous efforts of local residents who believe that the church should be able to help the most vulnerable members of society. The organization actually recruits a large number of its volunteers through local Catholic congregations, giving it an excellent source of individuals who understand the role, importance, […]

Learn more about the Assistance League of Sacramento

Charitable organizations are no rarity in Sacramento, where people regularly donate time, money, and even possessions to organizations that help at-risk or vulnerable populations. The Assistance League of Sacramento is chiefly dedicated to the widest possible range of charitable activities in the region. The mission of the organization is to participate in everything from thrift shop […]

Helping Out: Become a Member of Sacramento’s Assistance League

One of the great things about people in the Sacramento area is that so many local residents are charity-minded. Their insistence on helping the most vulnerable groups in the region has yielded some of California’s and America’s best and most effective charity initiatives. The Assistance League is one such initiative, which has been bolstered in […]

Cars2Kids Offers an Unconventional Approach to Charitable Donation

When most people think about what to do with their older cars, they almost always assume that their only option is either a private sale or a dealer trade-in. While these options are certainly more common and a bit easier to pursue, one Sacramento-area charity is offering a feel-good alternative to these two traditional options for dealing […]

Donate to the Sacramento Children’s Home

While it’s great when charity-minded individuals can donate their time to volunteer programs throughout the region, it’s perfectly understandable that many people have schedules too jam-packed for charity work. That’s fine, and it’s why many organizations ask for monetary donations rather than volunteer work on behalf of local residents interested in giving back. One such […]